Ambucs Advocates

In 1995 Bob Richard lead our sponsorship of a Teen Auxiliary Club in the Danville High School - The Danville Advocates. The Advocates are a club of students who help student peers with disabilities in their school.

They accompany students with special needs to Danville High School sporting events and dances and even host special events for special need students. They work with special needs students at Danville High School to integrate them into high school social activities. They have hosted holiday parties for the special needs students, gone out for pizza, attended a basketball game, gone shopping, bowling and to a movie.

The Teen AMBUCS also spend time with the special needs students at lunch and work as peer tutors in classrooms. The parents of students with special needs are happy that high school students volunteer their time to make sure their children can enjoy the social activities of high school life.

AMBUCS support the Advocates by providing funding for their events, and assisting them with their main fundraiser as part of the Home & Business Expo. We also have them over for lunch (a nice break from school!) from time to time.

Our Advocates regularly win first or second place among all the student groups supported by AMBUCS chapters all around the country. Congratulations Advocates!