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AmTrykes by the Dozens Roll Into Danville Illinois

by Donna Carlton-Vish for AMBUCS National Magazine

AmTrykes take Danville Illinois by the Horn, an AmTryke horn that is. Danville AMBUCS decided to take this project to a new level in their town. Since June three evaluation sites have been established and supplied with AmTrykes plus an Adaptive PE program was established at Danville High School using the AmTrykes.

Having brand new sites set up presented a new problem, none the staff members were trained in fitting and sizing AmTrykes to riders. They had many very valuable questions so we knew some official training was imperative. In September 2O11, we were able to have Joe Copeland come to Danville and provide training for the evaluation site staff and also attend a Danville AMBUCS meeting where he was the speaker and described each style of AmTryke to the members as we picnicked at the Playground for Everyone built by the chapter in the early 2OOO’s.

The PE program is the first in the nation and provides the students the opportunity of mobility during PE. This location will soon be our fourth evaluation site and currently has 15 AmTrykes for classroom use and evaluation purposes.

The first evaluation site to form this year in Danville was at the local hospital, Provena United Samaritans Medical Center. This hospital works with many stroke patients and those recovering from accidents. The physical therapists were trained and thrilled to be provided with adaptive pieces of medical equipment that actually provide FUN while providing therapy for the rider!

We continued building by contacting the county schools special education facility. At this location the Danville Chapter worked with the Adaptive PE teacher to decide which AmTrykes would be the best for the facility. Several staff members from this building attended the educational seminar presented by Joe Copeland as he toured throughout the Midwest. Not only will this site provide a way for the county children to be assessed it will also serve as a PE activity for the in house classroom for Autistic students.

The third evaluation site established was at the Danville YMCA. This facility serves the community as well as is an extension of the rehabilitation department of the local hospital. Due to space limitations at the hospital an agreement was made with the YMCA to offer the cardio room as the step down rehabilitation center. AmTrykes have been placed there so that recovering patients and other clients have access to mobility and exercise. The YMCA also has classes for kids with disabilities and they are very excited about having a tool to help provide more movement and mobility.

An AmTryke was also placed at Danville their local Veteran’s Administration. As the Vets come through the facility they can be evaluated and be presented with an AmTryke that fits their needs.

Danville AMBUCS have also been an integral part of establishing and maintaining The District 4A AmTryke Trailer that is used all over the Illinois and Indiana area to provide presentations about the AmTryke products. It was the tool used to provide the education needed for the new evaluation sites. The Danville Chapter of AMBUCS have spread the word about AmTrykes in their own area and have a steady stream of assessments since the beginning of the AMBUC year. Many smiles and bursts of laughter have been created due to the presentation of these AmTrykes both in the facilities and individually.