First Citizen Banquet

TBA, 2019

Since 1932, the Danville Chapter of AMBUCS has presented a First Citizen's Award. During a banquet each year a member of the Danville Community is honored as Danville's First Citizen based on their volunteer service to the community.

The recipients are invited to attend the dinner as well as friends and family of the new recipient. The long list of honorees describe persons who have greatly shaped the Danville community.

Candidates are recommended by their peers through letters of nomination each winter and are judged by a panel of AMBUCS. Our goal is to encourage and recognize leaders in our community who selflessly sacrifice of themselves for the greater good.

The year indicates the year prior to the awards. For instance, in 2010 we honor someone for their work up to and including 2009.

2017   Fred Faulstich
2016   Lori Lyons
2015   Sue Richter
2014   Sue Richter
2013   Dick Shockey
2012   Sybil Mervis
2011   Judd Peck
2010   Anne Sacheli
2009   Mike Hulvey
2008   Bill E. Fulton
2007   Deanna Witzel
2006   Bob Richard
2005   Gary Dyar
2004   Patrick J. O'Shaughnessy
2003   Harold Leisch
2002   Dr. Thomas Halloran
2001   Julius W. Hegeler II
2000   Harold 'Sparky' Songer

1999   John Shane
1998   Raj Karinattu
1997   Harry E. Peterson
1996   Nancy W. Mettam
1995   James D. Anderson
1994   Dr. David L. Fields
1993   Hershall E. Lee
1992   Dr. Robert L. Ewbank
1991   Robert W. Randall
1990   Dale Foster
1989   John C. Sanders
1988   H. Michael Finkle
1987   Thomas C. Crays
1986   Dorothy Storm Duensing
1985   Hon. John P. Meyer
1984   Lloyd L. Hilleary
1983   Gary C. Rogers
1982   Robert Norwood
1981   Ben Jewell
1980   Tom Conron Jr

1979   W. R. Hawkins
1978   Louis Mervis
1977   Dr. O. J. Michael
1976   Arthur Fleming
1975   Russell L. Guin
1974   Elmer Smith
1973   Father C. B. Motsett
1972   Max Peterson
1971   Paul Shebby
1970   Mrs. Margaret English

1969   Glen Murphy
1968   Orville Laker
1967   Dr. L.W. Tanner
1966   Kenneth Bentley
1965   Leonard Jaffe
1964   Dr. Otto Schaffer
1963   Robert Burrow
1962   William Bucher
1961   David J. Twomey
1960   William Leverenz
1959   Jack Millikin
1958   Don Wilson
1957   Judge Frank J. Meyer
1956   Dr. J. McLean Reed
1955   Dr. Holland Williamson
1954   Robert A. Brennan
1953   C. Howard Pearson
1952   Clifford R. Kessler
1951   J.K. Holmes
1950   Dr. Harlan S. English

1949   Al E. McGrath
1948   Woods Martin
1947   William Vogt
1946   Phil F. Theurer
1945   William M. Acton
1944   Thomas P. Ronan
1943   A. W. Heskett
1942   George W. Johnson
1941   F. W. Butterworth
1940   Clint C. Tilton

1939   Joseph S. Belton
1938   Paul S. Millikin
1937   E. C. Hewes
1936   W. H. Debenham
1935   H. C. Horneman
1934   Frank P. Meyer
1933   A. R. Samuel